Summoner Spells

Flash & Heal are going to be your go to summoner spells, There is no need to replace Flash what so ever and Heal is amazing. Both these spells go hand and hand in finishing off a kill and gank escape potential


+ 8 Attack Damage
+ 1 Crit Chance
+ 4 Armor
+ 5 Health
+ 9 Attack Speed
+ 3 Attack Speed


Ferocity 18 Fury 5 - Well I hope I don't have to explain why this and not Sorcery. Attack speed is better for ADC. Period.

Fresh Blood (new) - This mastery boost your 1st Auto-Attack a little bit. Since I like to play agressive during phase and poke my enemy from time to time I believe that this might be a good mastery for Draven players. It is also interesting that it scales with level: Higher level means more bonus damage.

Vampirism - A little bit sustain on the lane won't hurt.

Bounty Hunter - This is a mastery that i favor the most. The highest possible increased damage if you manage to get 5 "unique" kills. In total you will get 7,5% increased damage. You won't probably get that 7,5% in each game, but it's still better then 5% you could get from Double Edged Sword (since you take 2,5% additional damage) or Battle Trance.

Battering Blows - Well I hope I don't have to explain why this and not Piercing Thoughts. You're Draven, you deal PURE AD damage which means you need armor pen. Period.

Warlord's Bloodlust - I have made some final conclusions. And I believe WB is the best keystone for Draven. Your AA usually do enough damage to kill people. Not to mention - lifesteal is just priceless on this patch.

Cunning 12

Savagery - Before 5.22 Savagery used to give you 2 points. Now it's 5. It's pretty good to have it. It helps you last hit minions A LOT. I'm not really sure about 'Wanderer' i mean movement speed is good, but it only procs when you're out of combat. I guess if you're good at last-hitting and don't have problems with it you can replace Savagery with Wanderer (but why would u since you gonna hit minions entire game)

Secret Stash - Ever seen a biscuit on ADC? No? Me too, but guess what? It's pretty awesome.

Merciiless - 5% damage to champions below 40%? Thank you i will take it.

Dangerous Game - We all know Dangerous game. Now it's 5% of mana and HP. It's good to have it.


I still max Q first, W second, and E last.


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Note: I am no longer interested in going for armor penetration build, since Armor pen items/runes are in a bad spot. They need a buff.

For that reasons we are going back to the season 4 when critical chance strike was the most popular build and imo most succesful.

As I typed above your build should looks like this.