Summoner Spells

Flash & Heal are going to be your go to summoner spells, There is no need to replace Flash what so ever and Heal is amazing. Both these spells go hand and hand in finishing off a kill and gank escape potential


+ 8 Attack Damage
+ 1 Crit Chance
+ 4 Armor
+ 5 Health
+ 9 Attack Speed
+ 3 Attack Speed


Going down the Ferocity route is very common for Adc's as it increases attack damage and vamp, along with armour.

We go up the Cunning tree a bit to pick up TotalBiscuits and Dangerous Game to restore some health after kills/assists.

Back to Ferocity we get feast to keep our health up while farming, ensuring that we don't leave lane until we have enough to get a decent amount of items. We get Bounty hunter so we can get some extra damage as the game progresses, but remember you have to get the KILLS, assists DO NOT count.

Finally we get Warlord's bloodlust because of our high crit chance into the late game making us gain usually about 100 hp per crit once we're nearly done with our build.


This skill ordering is pretty simple. I take Q first to push the wave so I don't get harassed and max it first. Max E second for the lower cooldown on dashes. And max W last because it's only used for utility.


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This build gets you 40% cdr pretty quickly and also makes you tanky with the damage reduction from phantom dancer and death's dance.